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The year 2023 ended in a glorious way at the Cross over service on the 31st night with God’s Prophet, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth.


Many People gathered from various parts of the globe to hear what God has to say for 2024, those in the congregation were filled with high hopes that in 2024, they will have a change of story.


God’s Prophet shared with the viewers and congregants, 7 things that will happen in the year 2024.
They are detailed below:

1. Transformational Change
2. Manifestation of Original Glory
3. Unprecedented Breakthrough
4. Life Abundantly.
5. All Round Expansion.
6. End of Tunnel
7. Divine Reversal

In the year 2024, God’s Prophet assures us that God is working in our lives.
Get ready because the Lord will reverse the irreversible in your l日本藤素
ife and give you Surpassing glory.

There are ten instances of Divine Reversal listed below:

1. From Downturn To Fortune

2. From Death To Life

3. From Sickness And Pain Into Healing And Wholeness

4.From Brokenness And Losses Into Restoration And Redemption

5.From Despair Into Hope

6. From Darkness Into Light

7. From Mourning Into Dancing And Weeping Into Joy

8.From Ashes Of Past Into Beautiful Story Of Redemption

9.From Setback Into Stepping Stones Of Great Victory

10. From Failures Into Testimonies Of God’s Faithfulness.

Now All Of These Can Be Put into a Simple Sentence;


Get ready because the Lord is set to blow your mind!!

From The Ark Of Light For All Nations.

God bless you.

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