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The ministry of Dr. Isaiah Macwealth has been a blessing to many lives within and across Nigeria.




The Ark Of Light For All Nations that was officially opened last month of November is a ground where testimonies are harvested. Indeed the signature of God’s hand is evidently seen by those who visited the Ark.




God always provide a place not only for His people but for as many who are hungry to hear the undiluted word of God and for those trusting Him for healing, deliverance and all kinds of interventions in their lives, marriages, businesses, careers, ministry etc.




The Ark Of Light For All Nations has been ordained for the harvest of testimonies and as as a center for solution. The previous testimonies shared in the Ark has validated and affirmed the manifold grace of God available in the house.


You can experience this manifold grace of God and also have your testimony shared as you make it a date to fellowship in the Ark with other brethren within and outside Nigeria.




Jesus is building His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail.




You are the next person to be celebrated and to also have your testimonies shared in Jesus name.




Gospel Pillars Intl. Church. The Ark Of Light, Plots ILA-C KUDIRA ABIOLA WAY ALAUSA, IKEJA, LAGOS.

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