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As the year begins, you need to understand that setting the right foundation to succeed in 2024 is key.

The Prophet of God makes us understand as he teaches in a Special weekly Wednesday service themed 2024 Strategy for Success, that in this year, the Glory is Great, but the Battle is strong. Therefore, only the strong will exceed in glory. Foundation is what will make you strong because the enemy knows he can penetrate and prevail if your foundation is destroyed.

Have you sat down to draw out your mission for the year?
Just as your life is given to you for a purpose, your year is also given to you for a purpose.
Therefore, what are you set to achieve in this year?

The Bible makes us understand in Proverbs 12:11; He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: But he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.
That means he that works his land, works his year, strategically plans for his finances shall be satisfied with bread.
Plenty is only for those who are busy on their assignment.

So the reason why you are broke and not satisfied is because you are absent from your assignment.

Furthermore, it is not just enough to have a strategy, are you disciplined to follow that strategy?
Do you have a schedule to follow through on that strategy?.

The Prophet of God makes us understand that No one is naturally disciplined. You need to make your operation natural by a schedule.

So I ask you; What schedule must you operate to achieve your 2024 goals?
Note This; You are what you can’t stop doing, you are not what you are reminded to do.

God bless you.

From the Ark of Light to all Nations.

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