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In the Special Wednesday Midweek service, God’s Prophet Dr Isaiah Wealth gave insights into the true concepts of success. People are successful based on how good their strategy is.
In his own words, victory is always to the one with the best strategy, not power, and your dream will remain hope without proper strategy, as strategy is not God’s duty; it’s yours.

A proper strategy includes what the Prophet referred to as a Strategy Family Tree.

The Prophet of God went on to say that it is not enough to have a vision; you need to have a mission; a mission needs a goal; and a strategy is not the same as tactic.
Although people tend to confuse the terms as the same, they are not the same, as the results you get from them will tell.

The Prophet of God, through the leading of the spirit, made use of examples to make us fully grasp the difference between them all, and he started with vision.

He made us understand that vision is the endpoint. That is what you expect to get at the end of a period.

Using the example above, he explained that Vision is your big picture but it has to clearly defined.

Next, the Mission


He explained using the example above that Mission is what gives birth to Vision. When broken down into the Mission, it becomes easier to understand. But this is not enough, you need to have a Goal.


From the example above, A Goal makes your mission possible, it makes it achievable. It makes it more realistic.  You know you have something to work on everyday. But this is not enough as the Prophet said; if you stop here you will still fail.
You need a strategy.


Strategy shows how determined you are to achieve your vision. It shows if you know what it takes to achieve your vision and Lastly, what is your Tactic.

From the examples above, the strategy family tree has been clearly explained therefore, makes it easier to understand and very applicable to our individual lives.

The Prophet of God moved on to explain that Prayer is very important. Prayer brings God on the scene, but when God has come on scene, he wants to know where your brain is.
Making reference to a word spoken by a popular person, he said God gave us a brain so he could rest

He told us that if we must succeed in this year, we must make up our mind not to copy what other people are doing, you define your Vision, move on to your mission and then your goal, strategy and clearly defined Tactic.

We certainly can’t wait to hear what God has instore for us today as the Prophet of God teaches in a message he has titled Tactical Approach for success for 2024.

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