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As new creatures in Christ Jesus, there are some prayers in scriptures that we need to understand which will help us in our spiritual growth and spiritual journey to maturity.

More importantly, also, understanding these prayers will help us in participating effectively in the prayer ministry of Christ.

In his book, Engaging Spiritual Prayers, the Prophet of God, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth explains in detail what it means to pray in tongues, some prayers of the psalmist, the prayers of Jesus, the prayers of Apostle Paul and some prayers of some patriarchs.

Furthermore, he shows us how the Prophet’s and Disciplines of old walked with God and in their walk, they encountered challenges just like every believer today.
David for example, was a man after God’s heart yet he saw many trials; anointed as king over Israel by Prophet Samuel, but had to wait for many years to ascend the throne yet we see in Psalm 54:1-7 how he engaged God in a prayer for help rather than complaint.

Many more examples are recorded in the Bible and in the book, the Prophet of God explains how to overcome any challenges through prayers.


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