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The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to strategize and plan your goals. Some other people take the step of executing a new project, starting a new business, or taking up a new course.

However, some people are unable to fully embrace the new things God has in store for them because they dwell on past errors and mistakes, refusing to see the new opportunities that God brings with every new year.

To take advantage of this new year, you must focus on the new year and forget about the past, because when we become so focused on what was, we fail to see what can be, thereby limiting God’s ability to work in our lives.

To take full advantage of the year, you have to cultivate a growth mindset because it is not the will of God for you to be stagnant or remain in one place for a long time.
Also, be willing to embrace new experiences.
Sometimes, losing might just be a good strategy, boosting you into your win-win season.

Further, meeting the right people and writing down your goals on paper
because, according to online research, it helps you to picture your goal, and this, in turn, makes you up to 1.4 times more likely to succeed than someone who didn’t write anything down. Most importantly, your spiritual connection should be intact throughout the year. If possible, get an accountability partner who will ensure you have prayed, studied your Bible for that day, and even preached to someone about the Lord Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, make up your mind not to continue wallowing in what has happened in the previous year. The Bible makes it clear in Isaiah 43 verses 18 and 19 that God is going to do a new thing, but first, we have to forget the former things.
Therefore, if you have any mistakes or thoughts that keep you bound, do not run away from the Lord; rather, bring them boldly before him, trusting that he is able to fill you with a new and right spirit.

A powerful year awaits you if only you can forget the past.

God bless you.

From the Ark of Light for All Nations.

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