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One of the important ways we can give Glory to God, as we discussed yesterday is by Glorifying God with an offering.

Contrary to what the world thinks that offerings are collected by the Pastor for his personal use. The bible shows us clearly that this is not the case.
One of the ways we Glorify God and bring him into the scene of our lives is when we Glorify God with our offering.

The bible shows us about Solomon in 1Kings 3 verses 4 and 5, that after he offered a thousand burnt offering to God, the Lord appeared to him and asked him to make a request.

Oh yes, so whenever you bring an offering, understand that you are not giving to a Man, your offerings are not just mere material gifts, they are means of communication and connection with God.

What you give to the Lord can never be a waste. Your seeds and offerings have a direct impact on your everyday life. In fact, your seeds can open up portals through which your answered prayer can be released.

Therefore, do not let the Devil deceive you and keep you from your divine encounters but rather, make up your mind that as the Lord blesses you, you will keep servicing yhe blessing through your offerings, Tithe, partnerships and seeds.

Armed with this revelation, Make up your mind this year to be Consistent with your Offerings, As you honor God with your givings and trust him with the results, get ready because you will experience the fullness of the blessings in your life.

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