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We give thanks to God for the successful opening of the Food and Emergency Bank on the 10th of December, 2023.

In essence, we are grateful to our most extinguished  guest, Dr. Mrs. Ariyo  for coming to celebrate this event and for officially launching the Ark of Light Food and Emergency Bank, which was founded by the Man of God, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth being guided by the Spirit of God to establish the Ark of Light food and Emergency Bank because he had a great compassion for the underprivileged, particularly children who are the most affected by the nation’s economic circumstances.



The Man of God’s earnest desire is to provide food for at least 200 families who are unable to feed themselves once every month. These families will receive a card that they can use to make withdrawals from this bank just as they would in an actual bank after being evaluated to ensure they truly need this support.


If you’re as passionate as the Man of God about making a difference in the lives of people, you can start by registering those you know who truly need it or you can donate any of the following items below:

1. Grains – Rice, beans, Garri
2. Pasta
3. Canned tomatoes
4. Canned food
5. Dairy products
6. Spices
7. Indomie
8. Groundnut oil
9. Cereal
10. Clothes (New & Reusables)
11. Bags (New & Reusables)
12. Foot Wears (New & Reusables)
13. Baby items

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