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What are your Resolutions for the new year?
Being more disciplined?
Being Punctual at your place of work?
Well, that’s all great but there’s one thing people don’t factor important and that’s Fear.

After writing down all the vision for the year, there’s one thing that can hinder it all from happening and that’s Fear.

Fear is first a spirit that infests the atmosphere or human mind, depositing uncertainty about the outcome of life, for the purpose of creating an access route for the adversary to penetrate or to steal from a person.

Like a crack in the wall, fear creates access for the arrows of the enemy to penetrate. These arrows often materialize as sicknesses, losses, setbacks etc. But as our opening text shows us, God has not given us the spirit of fear. Rather, He has given us a sound mind, operating in His power and love.

Therefore, as you pen down those goals for the year, armed with the word of God, give no room for anxiety, fear or confusion, as God already defined what our outcome or future should be in His numerous promises of life, health, provision, protection, and other blessings that we see in the Word. Banish fear by meditating on those promises daily, remembering the integrity of the One who has promised. Hallelujah!


From the Ark Of Light To All Nations.

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