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A Mind Reset is a resolution for the new year that you should decide to adopt right now.
Many people start the year with the motto “New Year, New ME,” but they still think in the outdated ways.

The word “reset” suggests that there is an already existing setting which requires a change.

As believers, you have to reset your mind intentionally to align your thoughts and even actions with the truth of God’s Word by letting go of negative thought patterns, worldly influences, and circumstances, and to hold on to God’s Word instead.

As Philippians 4:8 says, we must consistently choose to focus on thoughts that are pure, lovely, and praiseworthy. This entails replacing doubt with faith, fear with confidence in God, and circumstances with the truth of God’s Word. This is only possible through daily meditation on the Word.

Thus, when we let the Word of God shape our perspectives and guide our decisions, our minds are reset to the mindset of faith and Victory (Joshua 1:8). This is a sure way up!

God Bless You.

From The Ark Of Light To All Nations.


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