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The honour of God is  superior and in fact incomparable with the honour of man.
At best, a man can only give you money or an award but the honour of God comes with longevity and glory that money cannot buy, and of course, riches and wealth.

Many times, what many believers fail to understand that God is not after your money.
All things are made by God and the Bible clearly states that all the cattles on a thousand hills are his, and if he was hungry, he wouldn’t even tell you.
We should however understand that God would rather you honour him than offer all your money.

We see this clearly about Cain and Abel in Genesis Chapter 4. The bible records that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground while Abel brought his firstlings.
That is, Cain just took an offering while Abel gave God the first of his increase.
It is safe to say, therefore, that what we bring and how we bring it shows how much we reverence God?

Furthermore, you not only honour God with your offerings but also in how you yield to obeying his instructions promptly and how you prioritise your fellowship time with him.

Therefore, in this new month, as you bring an offering before the Lord, or even make any decision at all, ask yourself, am I honouring the Lord in my heart, the manner I appear and even in my dealings because the best way to reap honour in every area of your life is by honouring God. The bible makes this clear in 1 Sam 2 verse 30 that he will honour those who honour him. This is an assurance that you can definitely bank on.

God bless you.

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