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Do you know that when God’s Glory comes to you and it doesn’t come back to him, you are violating an eternal reality and that is for God’s Glory to be forever and ever.


The reason why the Glory of God is forever and ever is because just like a current circuit, he gives you Glory and you return the Glory back to him. In other words, God is where the Glory ends. So if the Glory is stopping with you, you are definitely wrong.


We see an example cited in the book of Acts Chapter 12 verse 21.

Note that Herod could not have had a throne on earth in the first place if God did not give him a throne in Heaven. What he failed to do however was to give back the Glory to God, the source and we see in the verses that follows how the angel of the Lord smote him and he immediately gave up the ghost.


Another example is cited in Dan 4. of how Nebuchadnezzar failed to give Glory to God as a result, the kingdom was taken from him.

Could it be that things have been taken from your life because you didn’t give Glory to God for them?

You can start now by lifting your hands up to God right now giving him Glory for all that you are and have.



Furthermore, It is important to give unto God Glory that is due to his name and not half of it, and that is why you are being deceived if you do not pay your Tithe. Your Tithe is letting God know that he is your source and that you are operating in his grace.

For example , you pay Tax/dues in your country, and that is because they provide the enabling environment for you to trade and make money.

When you trade in God’s enablement of being and living on this earth- the Grace of God, you ought to pay your Tithe.


The next question that might pop into your mind is how can I give Glory to God effectively?

The one that is commonly known by all is Praise and Worship but what you don’t know is that there are 15 ways we can Glorify God otherwise known as trade currencies in the Glory and this is shown to us by the Prophet of God in the Powerful Sunday Faith and Revival Service themed Glory Transmitters.

They are:

1. Operating in Thanksgiving.

2. Operating in Testimony.

3. Operating in Worship

4. Operating in the Fear of God.

5. Operating in Revelation.

6. Operating in Faith.

7. Operating in Praise

8. Operating in soul Winning

9. Operating in Goodworks.

10. Operating in Holiness.

11. Operating in Submission.

12. Operating in the miraculous.

13. Justifying the Lord.

14. Glorifying God with an offering.

15. Fulfilling your assignment.


Operating in these fifteen currencies,  you are assured to trade and expect a Blessing Trade, which is one out of the 4 Principle Trades in the Glory.

Therefore, as you go about your day and even your year, make it a point of action to give Glory to God as it is due his name and watch Him Glorify you here on earth.


God bless you.


From the Ark of Light for All Nations.

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