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We are grateful to God for the success of the Sunday Faith and Revival service held at Ark of Light for All Nations on the 14th of January, 2024.

Beautiful and amazing people from all over the world came together to meet with God, their Creator, at the Ark of Light for all Nations.

The service began with a stirring portion of prayer that placed the entire programme in the hands of the Lord who owns the church and, beautiful worship music performed by God’s anointed minstrels to usher in the presence of God.

The Prophet of God, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth took over and, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, opened our eyes to the fact that it is not God’s idea for his people to be Broke or Poor.
He made us understand that mediocrity is not the nature of God!!

According to the Prophet, God does not have an issue with us being wealthy.

He said something shocking that left everyone stunned. He opened our eyes to the fact that God does not invest in vain. He said in plain words that Glory brings grace, and grace is God’s glory invested in our life. Therefore, Praise is your way of giving back to God with interest.
So, if you can create a system of giving glory to God(Glory Ascribing System), God has no problem in blessing you with all that you need.
The problem with this, however, is that we somehow either by mistake or lack of knowledge take the glory, thereby shutting down the system of this supply.

The height of the service was when the Prophet of God made us understand that Terrestial Glory can be measured. He reinterated that Terrestial Glory is the Glory of this Earth, that is, the impact of Celestial Glory(which is the Glory of God) on man. Therefore, terrestrial glory can be measured in the following ways listed below:
1. Your Riches
2. Your Praise

3. Your Name
4. Your Father
5. Your Wife
6. Your Strength
7. Your Countenance
8. Your Spiritual Power
9. The Beauty of Your Excellence.
10. Your Esteem.

All listed above is how people can see what God is doing with and in you. Since people can not see a light or smoke as in Celestial Glory, they will see the cars that you possess(Riches), and they will hear what people say about you(Your Praise).

As he rounded up with the service, he encouraged us to make a decision this year not to be small because what people see will make them give glory to God or not even want to worship God at all.

Many can attest to how wonderful this service was as we were all left in awe at the deliverance evoking words that were spoken to us by the Man of God.

We certainly can’t wait to encounter the God of the Prophet next week on Sunday.

From Ark of Light for All Nations.

God bless you.

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