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In the church today, a lot of people have several misconceptions about offering, especially first fruits, though it is a principle highlighted in scripture.

Satan has ridden on the ignorance of many to steal from them and keep them from enjoying the God kind of prosperity.

In the book, “The Mystery of First Fruits,” by Prophet of God, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth, exposes the true meaning of First Fruit.

An excerpt from the books says that the first fruit offering is giving God the first. The first of your harvest or increase. It is also giving God the best of your increase. The focus of this offering is HONOUR.
When we give our first fruits, we honour God.
We declare him first in our lives, and this will bring plenty and abudance into our lives.

It is important that you get a copy of this book. So that you can arm yourself with the true understanding of first fruits.

Please click the links below to get your copy: OR

You can also call 09066710879 for more information.

God bless you.

From the Ark of Light for All Nations.

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