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Have you ever asked yourself what makes a man successful? A man is not successful because of the number of cars he possesses. As a matter of fact, most times, that is only the result of some hidden habits that he has developed over time.


A successful man is recognized for the qualities he both possesses and displays. Nobody ever achieves success by accident; instead, they must take purposeful and reliable action.

But do you know that the beginning of success is actually in your mind? In his book, Your Mind, Your Prosperity, the Prophet of God, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth, makes us understand that the mind is an inevitable tool for prosperity because you cannot excel beyond the quality of your mind, God’s intention notwithstanding.

All we need to prosper has already been wired into our beings. With how amazing this sounds, however, there seems to be a little fallout with this. In the book, we see that, even though we are the nature and likeness of God, our mind can, however, compromise our output.

This, he says, therefore, highlights how necessary it is for mind training and development in the pursuit of success. The first step he highlighted as proper training for your mind towards achieving success is the recognition that, as a believer, you possess a sound mind.

Opening our minds to 2 Timothy 1:7, he outlines that God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.

He reveals more in this book that God isn’t planning on giving us a sound mind, but he has already given it to us. That is, it’s something every believer, regardless of age, possesses.

Therefore, challenges should be nothing to us because God has already given us the capacity of a sound mind. A mind that can topple down anything thrown at us. Another quality very vital to your journey of success is a mind for excellence, which he explains in the next chapter. In today’s world, anything mediocre, common, or average is unacceptable.

We see an example of Daniel in the Bible. The King thought to set Daniel above the whole realm because of the excellent spirit that he had in him.

So, how do you know if you have an excellent spirit?
1. An excellent person is a person of results.
2. An excellent person is a person of report.
3. An excellent person is conscious of time.
4. A person of excellence is concerned about cleanliness.

Therefore, as you move further into your year, make up your mind to think excellent things, knowing fully well that God has given you a sound mind.

Choose to become anti-status quo; research and find out new ways and better ways to get things done; do not cover imperfections; rather, correct them; and most importantly, work with the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

From the Ark of Light for all Nations.

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